The latest news related to the SFB Transregio 109

Richard-von-Mises Prize 2017 for applied Mathematics by GAMM for Christian Kühn
  • Date: 01.02.2017, 10:30
  • The 2017 Richard-von-Mises Prize for applied Mathematics by the International Association of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics (Gesellschaft für Angewandte Mathematik und Mechnik, GAMM) was awarded to Christian Kühn for his achievsments on "Multiscale Dynamics near Instability".  

Math Creations
  • Date: 11.01.2017, 11:16
  • Creative competition based on mathematical concepts

Matboj 2016
  • Date: 16.11.2016, 14:00
  • Mathematischer Wettbewerb für die Zirkel der Klasse 9 an der TU Berlin

Berlin-Leipzig Seminar on Non-Linear Algebra

Fortsetzung für Sonderforschungsbereich „Discretization in Geometry and Dynamics“
  • Date: 17.06.2016, 14:40
  • DFG bewilligt zweite Förderphase für den mathematischen SFB/TRR 109 an TU Berlin und TU München.

Discrete Charm: Screening at 7th ECM
  • Date: 09.06.2016, 10:10

Discrete Charm meets Abel Prize Week
  • Date: 19.05.2016, 12:40
  • The annually awarded Abel Prize is one of the greatest awards a mathematician can achieve. Highlighting the importance of the prize, the so-called Abel Prize Week features a ceremony where Norwegian Crone Prince Haakon will officially award the winner, popular lectures and many more. Gladly, we can announce that the ...

Full House for Discrete Charm of Geometry at Hausdorff Center in Bonn
  • Date: 04.03.2016, 10:00
  • On February 23 the screening of "The Discrete Charm of Geometry" at the Hausdorff Center in Bonn featured a fully occupied hall. That is, the evening was a great success. Director Ekaterina Eremenko also attended the event.

Felix Günther erhält den Friedrich Hirzebruch-Promotionspreis für seine Dissertation in der Mathematik.
  • Date: 21.01.2016, 13:21
  • Bonn, 20. Januar 2016. Die Träger der Promotionspreise 2016 der Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes stehen fest: Felix Günther...

Hausdorff Center in Bonn shows The Discrete Charm of Geometry
  • Date: 16.12.2015, 11:00
  • The Hausdorff Center for Mathematics at University of Bonn presents the DGD movie "The Discrete Charm of Geometry" on February 23, 2016.

Lehrerfortbildung an der Freien Universität Berlin
  • Date: 12.10.2015, 15:40
  • Wie bilden sich Kristalle und Schwärme? Dieses spannende Thema an der Grenzfläche von Mathematik, Physik, Biologie und Informatik können Lehrer in einer interaktiven Fortbildung unter Anleitung von Forschern des SFB Transregio 109 erkunden. Der Workshop wird am 12.03.2016 an der FU Berlin stattfinden.

The Discrete Charm of Geometry
  • Date: 21.08.2015, 08:43
  • A team of mathematicians is working together on a big project. Excitement of discovery, hope and disappointment, competition and recognition are shown from an infinitely close distance. Scientists united by the idea of discretization, which, in short, means: constructing continuous objects from basic building blocks. Akin to the scientists’ search ...

Public Lecture at UNSW Autralia
  • Date: 20.08.2015, 12:51
  • "The Discrete Charm of Geometry" - the title of both the new film of DGD as well as the free public lecture recently held by Professor Alexander I. Bobenko at University of New South Wales in Australia. On Tuesday, 28th July 2015 Professor Bobenko of Technische Universität Berlin talked about how ...