The Discrete Charm of Geometry: Screenings and News




  • University of Tübingen on September 26th, 2018. See poster and website of the event.
  • UC San Diego on February 5th 2018. See more
  • Wissenschaftskino Leipzig in Leipzig on April 25, 2017. See more
  • Mathematical Science Research Institute (MSRI) in Berkeley on November 30, 2016. See more
  • DGD Days at Technische Universität Berlin on October 11, 2016. See more
  • University of Edinburgh on September 24, 2016. See more
  • University of Edinburgh and the Maxwell Institute on September 23, 2016. See more
  • MoMath in New York on August 11, 2016. See more
  • 7th European Congress of Mathematics on July 19, 2016. See more
  • Spektrum Berlin on June 19, 2016. See official announcement
  • Faculty Day 2016 with Graduation Ceremony at TU Munich on June 10, 2016. See official announcement
  • Abel Prize Week in Oslo on May 25, 2016. See more
  • Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften Magdeburg on May 21, 2016. See more
  • American Mathematical Society meeting in Stony Brook, NY, USA on March 18, 2016. See more
  • Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis, Indiana, USA on March 1, 2016. See official announcement
  • The Hausdorff Center for Mathematics and Max Plank Institute for Mathematics in Bonn on February 23, 2016. See more
  • Berlin Mathematical School on February 15, 2016. See more
  • National Science Week Australia, August 2021

Awards and Nominations


The Discrete Charm of Geometry received the Diploma for the Nomination for the Russian National Award "Laurel" as best science film 2015.

discrete-charm-Laurel.jpg        discrete-charm-laurel-logo.jpg

Sebastopol Documentary Film Festival

The Discrete Charm of Geometry has been selected for the 2016 Sebastopol Documentary Film Festival, March 17 - 20,  2016.


Alfa Group

The Discrete Charm of Geometry got a Diploma from Alfa Strakhovanie Group for "The successful attempt to connect the future with the present".


European Science Film Festival

The Discrete Charm of Geometry -
The closing film in the competition

in European Science Film Festival
Saturday, 5.12.,
Augasse 2-6, 1090 Wien

Contemporary Science Film Festival

The Discrete Charm of Geometry was the official opening film on the Russian Contemporary Science Film Festival.