Math Circles around the World

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Every week, hundreds of children in different cities of the world meet to solve complex problems. Who they are, why they do it and how, in the movie “Mathematical Circles Around the World”.

Runtime: short version 20 min, full version 45 min


A film by
Ekaterina Eremenko

Pavel Kostomarov
Mikhail Khursevich
Nikolai Zheludovich
Giulio Rasi
Irina Shatalova

Philipp Gromov

Sound Editing
Oleksandr Shevchenko

Alexey Shor

Music performed by
Ingolf Wunder

Additional Music
Arthur Khayrullin

Produced by
Alexander I. Bobenko
In cooperation with
SFB/TRR 109 Discretization in Geometry and Dynamics

Alexander I. Bobenko
Elena Boguslavskaya
Zvezdelina Stankova
Yuri Suris
Alain Valette
Zandra Vinegar
Ivan Yashchenko

With participants of math circles from
Math Circle at TU Berlin (Germany)
Mathematical Pupils’ Society “Leonard Euler” Berlin (Germany)
Berkeley Math Circle (USA)
We Solve Problems (UK)
Moscow Center for Continuous Mathematical Education (Russia)

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