Awards presented to DGD researchers

Steele Prize for Mathematical Exposition 2018 by the American Mathematical Society for Martin Aigner und Günter M. Ziegler
  • Date: 23.11.2017, 12:00
  • The 2018 Steele Prize for Mathematical Exposition 2018 by the American Mathematical Society was awarded to Martin Aigner und Günter M. Ziegler for their book "Proofs from THE BOOK".

Tiburtius Prize of the Berlin Universities for Moritz Firsching
  • Date: 23.11.2017, 11:22
  • This year Tiburtius Prize was awarded to Dr. Moritz Firsching (FUB, Institut für Mathematik) for his PhD thesis (2016): "Optimization Methods in Discrete Geometry", under the supervision of  Prof. Günter M. Ziegler.

Wissenschaftspreis 2017 for Günter M. Ziegler and Nachwuchspreis for Myfanwy Evans
  • Date: 08.11.2017, 09:01
  • The Governing Mayor of Berlin honored Günter M. Ziegler with the Wissenschaftspreis 2017 and Myfanwy Evans with the  Nachwuchspreis.


DMV 2017 Media Prize for Ekaterina Eremenko
  • Date: 06.11.2017, 14:52
  • DMV 2017 Media Prize for Ekaterina Eremenko    

Felix Günther erhält den Friedrich Hirzebruch-Promotionspreis für seine Dissertation in der Mathematik.
  • Date: 21.01.2016, 13:21
  • Bonn, 20. Januar 2016. Die Träger der Promotionspreise 2016 der Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes stehen fest: Felix Günther...

Conform! Winner of Berlin Short Film Festival 2015
  • Date: 10.07.2015, 09:53
  • How can you make good flat maps of the round earth?' Our story begins with Mercator's world map of 1569, the first angle-preserving (or 'conformal') world map. His idea fell on fruitful soil, from which a new branch of mathematics has developed. The movie shows some of the highlights of this development, yielding a series of elegant visual forms which arise as 'conformal maps' on a variety of surfaces in 2- and 3-D. Featuring non-technical language, a simple aesthetic, compelling animation, and an original score, the movie builds an accessible bridge from everyday experience to a beautiful but little-known mathematical theory that continues to bear technological fruit today in fields such as computer graphics and architecture.


Poster award for Faniry Razafindrazaka
  • Date: 02.12.2014, 16:01
  • Faniry Razafindrazaka was awarded 1st poster prize at Curves & Surfaces 2014 in Paris. Congratulations!  

Auszeichnung "Best Practice" im Wettbewerb Fair für Familie 2014
  • Date: 24.06.2014, 12:28
  • Das Präsidium der TU Berlin hat den Preis „Fair für Familie 2014“ ins Leben gerufen, um innovative Ideen zu mehr Familienfreundlichkeit und vorbildliche Beispiele für einen familiengerechten Universitätsalltag zu würdigen. Für das Projekt "Kinderkonferenzabenteuer" wurde der SFB/TRR 109 ausgezeichnet.

Günter Ziegler (FU Berlin) erhält Hector Wissenschaftspreis 2013.
  • Date: 12.02.2013, 16:42
  • Günter M. Ziegler, Mathematik-Professor der Freien Universität Berlin, hat den Hector Wissenschaftspreis 2013 erhalten.