Discretization of Surfaces with Constant Ratio of Principal Curvatures

Fernando Jiménez Alburquerque, Christian Müller, Helmut Pottmann


Motivated by applications in architecture, surfaces with a constant ratio of principal curvatures were studied. These surfaces are a natural generalization of minimal surfaces, and can be constructed by applying a Christoffel-type transformation to appropriate spherical curvature line parametrizations, both in the smooth setting and in a discretization with principal nets. This Christoffel-type transformation can be linked to the discrete curvature theory for parallel meshes and characterize nets that admit these transformations. In the case of negative curvature, a discretization of asymptotic nets is presented. This case is suitable for design and computation, and forms the basis for a special type of architectural support structures, which can be built by bending flat rectangular strips of inextensible material, such as sheet metal.


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