Summer School: Multiscale Phenomena in Geometry and Dynamics

The summer school Multiscale Phenomena in Geometry and Dynamics at the Department of Mathematics of the Technical University Munich is aimed at Master's students, PhD students and postdocs whose interests are related to the topics of multiscale methods for ordinary and/or partial differential equations. It covers a broad spectrum of topics of current interest in the area.

  • Date: 22.07. - 26.07.2019
  • Type: Summer School
  • Location: TU Munich

Speakers and Themes

Andrea Braides: Geometric flows on lattices
Daniel Grieser: Scales, blow-up and quasimode constructions
Tere M-Seara: Exponentially small splitting of separatrices
Peter Szmolyan: Advances in geometric singular perturbation theory

Further Information

Further information can be found here.