Conference: Discrete Differential Geometry and Dimers 2024

From 27th May till 31st May 2024 the Collaborative Research Center (CRC) Transregio 109 will hold an international conference on:

Discrete Differential Geometry and Dimers

in Luisenstraße 56, Humboldt Graduate School, Berlin. 

  • Date: 19.03.2024, 07:53
  • Location: Luisenstraße 56, Humboldt Graduate School, Berlin

In recent years, the study of the dimer model of statistical mechanics has unveiled numerous and sometimes surprising connections to various areas of mathematics including discrete differential geometry, a core topic of our CRC. During this five day conference, international guests and members of the CRC will present talks on advances in the theory of the dimer model, discrete differential geometry, and related topics. Furthermore there will be ample opportunity for scientific exchange and stimulating discussions in an informal atmosphere.

Should you wish to attend, and have not already received an invitation, please apply by emailing For SFB members not living in Berlin, the SFB will cover any necessary travel and accommodation through the usual Dienstreiseanträge (application for official travel).

More information on the conference can be found here<wbr></wbr>events/103/