Young Investigators Workshop 2023

From April 12th-14th 2023 the SFB/TRR 109 will hold a "Young Investigators Workshop" in Weimar. The workshop is open to SFB members at the PhD and Post-Doc level only, and offers the opportunity for young investigators to discuss mathematics, careers, and other aspects of academic life in a relaxed, collegial atmosphere.

  • Date: 12.04. - 14.04.2023
  • Type: Workshop
  • Location: Weimar

Over the 1.5 days of the workshop there will be a mixture of poster sessions, short talks, scientific and careers workshops, as well as time for networking. It will take place in beautiful Weimar, home to Goethe, Schiller and the fabulous Anna Amalia Library.

Attendees should bring with them a poster or a 5 minute presentation on their research or master's project. If bringing a powerpoint, please bring it on a laptop. A flipchart is availible.


Registration closed on April 3, 2023. (staff access)


Provisional Programme (as of 22.03.2023)

DGD - Young Investigators' Workshop 2023			 	Wednesday, 14th April	Thursday, 13th April 	Friday, 14th April 9:00-10:30	Arrival and Registration	Poster session 	Choosing a career 1 10:30-11:00		Coffee	Coffee 11:00-12:30		5min talks	Choosing a career 2 12:3
General Workshop Information

Accommodation and workshop location

Your accommodation for the duration of the YIW and the workshop location are in the A&O Hostel Weimar.


Travel expenses and other costs

All costs for accommodation and meals at the venue, as well as travel to and from the workshop will be covered by the SFB.

Travel Information

General Information

Arrivals:         Wednesday, 12th April, approx. 12:00 
Departures:   Friday, 14th April, approx. 13:00 after lunch


Travel from Berlin

We anticipate getting a group ticket leaving at 9:34 on Wednesday 12th April from Berlin Hauptbahnhof (or other stations), changing in Erfurt at 11:36, arriving in Weimar at 11:50. The return journey would be at 14:04 on Friday 14th April, changing in Erfurt at 14:32 and arriving in Berlin Hauptbahnhof at 16:22.


Travel from Munich

We anticipate getting a group ticket leaving at 8:55 on Wednesday 12th April from Munich Hauptbahnhof, changing in Erfurt at 11:36, arriving in Weimar at 11:50. The return journey (note new times) would be at 13:42 on Friday 14th April, changing in Erfurt at 14:11 and arriving in Munich Hauptbahnhof at 16:41.


Other options

Colleagues travelling from further afield or not wishing to join the group booking from Munich/Berlin are requested to book their own flights or trains as required, in order to arrive in Weimar before 12:00 on Wednesday 12th April.

Scientific Organizers

Jaume Alonso (TU Berlin)

Janusz Ginster (HU Berlin)

Andrea Kubin (TU München)

Alexander Rolle (TU München)

Anna Veselovska (TU München)


Jaume Alonso
Hector Andrade Loarca
Fabian Bittl
Janusz Ginster
Felix Günther
Tim Heilmann
David Hien
Matthias Himmelmann
andrea kubin
Fabian Lenzen
Alessandro Lupoli
Lukas Mayrhofer
Maximilian Penka
Fabian Roll
Alexander Rolle
Ivan Spirandelli
Jannik Steinmeier
Anna Veselovska
Kangning Wei