Irregular Elastic Gridshells

joint project of the UdK and TU Berlin

  • Date: 10.10.2012, 17:01

The joint project of Elisa Lafuente Hernandez and Christoph Gengnagel from Berlin University of Arts (UdK), and Stefan Sechelmann and Thilo Rörig (TU Berlin) of the Collaborative Research Center "Discretization in Geometry and Dynamics" is an example for the application of the research within the research collaborative. Recently, the results have been presented at the Advances in Architectural Geometry Conference in Paris, 2012. The attached video shows the construction of an irregular elastic gridshell that was optimized using a variational method.

More detailed information can be found in the publication: "Topology Optimisation of Regular and Irregular Elastic Gridshells by Means of a Non-linear Variational Method" by Elisa Lafuente Hernandez, Stefan Sechelmann, Thilo Rörig, and Christoph Gengnagel.