Best Paper Award at "Advances in Architectural Geometry"

Thilo Rörig, Stefan Sechelmann, Agata Kycia, and Moritz Fleischmann have received a "best paper award" for work on the use of periodic conformal maps in architecture.

  • Date: 26.09.2014, 10:44

Their paper was presented at a conference in London on "Advances in Architectural Geometry". Thilo Rörig and Stefan Sechelmann are working for the Collaborative Research Centre SFB TRR109 DGD at the TU Berlin, Agata Kycia and Moritz Fleischmann are working for HENN Studio B in Berlin.

The paper is entitled “Surface panelization using periodic conformal maps” and presents a new method to obtain periodic conformal parameterizations of surfaces with cylinder topolog which can be applied to architectural design and rationalization of surfaces. The method is based on discrete conformal maps from the surface mesh to a cylinder or cone of revolution.

The full paper will appear in the AAG 2014 Proceedings publication.