Training of Teachers in Munich

A day full of dynamics: 19 teachers learned to use mathematical software from the DGD to discover how patterns can emerge from dynamic processes. The workshop was organized by Jürgen Richter-Gebert, Gero Friesecke, and Massimo Fornasier of the TU Munich.

  • Date: 02.12.2014, 14:54

Take some virtual molecules living in a two dimensional world, add some repelling and attracting potential to each of them -- and be surprised how this simple model generates crystal patterns and how easily this can be simulated in software like Cinderella, whose development is associated to SFB activities in project C01.

19 teachers from throughout Bavaria took part in this adventure in geometry. In a one-day teacher training course at the TU Munich, they learned how particle systems can be simulated, how crystals and swarms emerge from simple systems of local forces.

There are many applications of this in real life. For instance, parallels between the formation of swarms and the behaviour of groups in society, economy, politics or some viruses which also build structures similar to crystals just by using some simple rules and which can be easily simulated in "Cinderella".

A similar training and workshop is planned for Berlin in summer 2015.

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