Math Creations

Creative competition based on mathematical concepts

  • Date: 11.01.2017, 11:16

The maths research groups SFB/TRR109 and SFB 647 together with the IMAGINARY gGmbH have initiated an exciting creative competition in and around Berlin. The aim of the competition is to support the creation and implementation of new artistic ideas based on mathematical concepts. The competition is open to art and design students, as well as independent artists and designers. 
The competition consists of three central events:
1.   January 27th, 2017    Creative Input: inspiring talks on mathematical rules behind art
2.   March 24th,  2017     Creative Output: participating teams present their ideas
3.   May 5th,  2017         Exhibition: presentation of results of the production process and prototypes
For further details please visit the math creations website: