discrete charm geometry screenings and news

That the film about the work of our SFB DGD "The Discrete Charm of Geometry" will be shown in Dresden in the frame of "Erlebnisland Mathematik"

  • Date: 15.06.2023, 11:27
  • Location: Erlebnisland Mathematik in den Technischen Sammlungen Dresden Junghansstr. 1-3, 01277 D

The discrete charm of geometry

A team of mathematicians works on a large project. Enthusiasm, hope and disappointment, competition and recognition - captured up close. How much place does mathematics have in their lives? How much are they willing to sacrifice for science? These questions are as important as the search for precise scientific answers.

The film "The Discrete Charm of Geometry" shows very individual characters and gives a unique insight into the world of mathematical research.

Mathematician and filmmaker Ekaterina Eremenko works at the Institute of Mathematics at the Technical University of Berlin. In conversation with Andreas Thom, she will talk about the motives and goals of her filmic work.

Ekaterina Eremenko