Conference: Discretization in Geometry and Dynamics 2022

From October 10th-13th 2022 the SFB/TRR 109 will hold an International Conference on "Discretization in Geometry and Dynamics" in Magdeburg. During the 3.5 day conference, renowned guests will present talks on a wide spectrum of subjects related to the research themes of our Collaborative Research Centre. Furthermore there will be presentations of the advances made within our own research units and ample opportunity for scientific exchange and stimulating discussions in an informal atmosphere.

  • Date: 10.10. - 13.10.2022
  • Type: Conference
  • Location: Intercity Hotel Magdeburg

Over the 3.5 days of the international conference there will be a mixture of plenary talks, talks from our own reseachers, workshops, and social activities in an informal atmosphere.

The conference will begin with registration at 12:00 on Monday, 10th October and end on Thursday 13th October at 17:30. Arrivals for all participants (excluding invited speakers) are on Monday morning.


Conference and Travel information

The conference venue, Intercity Hotel Magdeburg. All guests have their own rooms. The hotel lies close to the historical city centre of Magdeburg - the powerhouse of 10th century Europe under Otto the Great, first Holy Roman Emperor. We hope to offer a guided tour of the city on Wednesday afternoon. 

Travel for Munich members: 

We have bought a group ticket if you requested one. Please let Diane and Fraeya know if your plans change.

Arrivals on Monday, 10th October Depart Munich Hbf at 07:55 / Change at Halle 11:09 / Arrive Magdeburg at 11:56 

Departures on Thursday 13th October: Depart Magdeburg at 18:00 / Change at Halle 19:18 / Arrive Munich at 22:01

Travel for Berlin members:

Please let Fraeya know before 7th October if you do NOT wish to join a group ticket for the following trains:

Arrivals on Monday, 10th October: via  RE 1 (3114)  that arrives in Magdeburg at 11:51. Fraeya Whiffin will be in the front carriage with your tickets. This leaves Berlin at the following times/stations.:

09:54 - Berlin Ostkreuz
09:59 - Berlin Ostbahnhof
10:03 - Berlin Alexanderplatz
10:07 - Berlin Friedrichstraße
10:11 - Berlin Hbf
10:17 - Berlin Zoologischer Garten
10:21 - Berlin-Charlottenburg
10:30 - Berlin Wannsee
10:38 - Potsdam Hbf

Departure on Thursday, 13th October: via the RE 1 (3129) departing from Magdeburg Hbf at 18:08 arriving in Berlin at the following times/stations

19:25 - Potsdam Hbf
19:32 - Berlin Wannsee
19:41 - Berlin-Charlottenburg
19:45 - Berlin Zoologischer Garten
19:49 - Berlin Hbf
19:55 - Berlin Friedrichstraße
19:58 - Berlin Alexanderplatz
20:04 - Berlin Ostbahnhof
20:07 - Berlin Ostkreuz

Travel for international colleagues:

Colleagues travelling from further afield or not wishing to join the group booking from Munich/Berlin are requested to book their own flights or trains as required, in order to arrive in Magdeburg before 12:00 on Monday. 

I would reccomend getting the train from BER Airport to Ostkreuz. There are direct trains e.g. the FEX, RE7, RB14 taking just 15 minutes from BER airport and leaving roughly every 20 minutes and costing €3.80. I would recommend using your usual public transport app (though if you prefer to buy train tickets online, then the app you want is called "VBB") for the details. 

Should you wish to travel by car, there is a public car park on site (25 spaces) for 13€ per 24H. An additional 1700 spaces are availible in a shopping centre opposite the venue for €5.50 per day.

You are also able to buy a "Veranstaltungsticket" for a maximum of 49,50 throughout Germany. Be sure to have a copy of your invitation or this website to hand when you travel. Booking.


Invited speakers

Peter Albers (University of Heidelberg)
Pierre Alliez (French National Institute for Research in Digital Science and Technology)
Tomas Berggren (MIT)
Konstantin Mischaikow (Rutgers)
Sayan Mukherjee (Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in the Sciences, Leipzig)
Luis Scoccola (Northeastern University)
Gudrun Szewieczek (University of Vienna)
Béatrice  de Tilière (University of Paris Dauphine)
Claude-Michel Viallet (Theoretical and High Energy Physics Laboratory (LPTHE), Universität Sorbonne and CNRS)
Scientific organisers



Fraeya Whiffin 

+49 (0)30314-25782

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