Roberta Meets Pupils of the "Mathematical Circle" at the TU Berlin

On Monday, 5th May 2014, seven pupils of the "Mathematical Circle", organised by the SFB/Transregio 109 at the TU Berlin under the leadership of Prof. Dr. A. Bobenko (Instructors: A. Bobenko and F. Günther), participated in the Roberta project "Learning with Robots". 

  • Date: 06.05.2014, 13:06

Roberta at TU Berlin

The Roberta initiative aims to engage and motivate girls and boys to take a sustained long-term interest in information technology, technology and the natural sciences. The Roberta training concept defines "sustained long-term motivation" as simultaneously imparting cognitive knowledge – in this case from the world of MINT* topics – and positive emotions. Only if both are achieved at the same time do students learn, or phrased differently, achieve sustainable results. 

*MINT =  Mathematics, Information science, Natural science and Technology 


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Some impressions from our project day: 


 Programming Roberta: searching for a way ...



 into a labyrinth for robots.

20140505_111047 Kopie.jpgRoberta


- The construction set -



 Do we have a working process plan ... 



 for staying on track?