The latest news related to the SFB Transregio 109

The Discrete Charm of Geometry
  • Date: 21.08.2015, 08:43
  • A team of mathematicians is working together on a big project. Excitement of discovery, hope and disappointment, competition and recognition are shown from an infinitely close distance. Scientists united by the idea of discretization, which, in short, means: constructing continuous objects from basic building blocks. Akin to the scientists’ search ...

Public Lecture at UNSW Autralia
  • Date: 20.08.2015, 12:51
  • "The Discrete Charm of Geometry" - the title of both the new film of DGD as well as the free public lecture recently held by Professor Alexander I. Bobenko at University of New South Wales in Australia. On Tuesday, 28th July 2015 Professor Bobenko of Technische Universität Berlin talked about how ...

Stripe patterns
  • Date: 20.08.2015, 08:33
  • A crossbreed between a cactus and the Stanford bunny made it's way to the cover page of the acm Transactions on Graphics. It comes from the paper Stripe Patterns  on Surfaces , written by U. Pinkall, P. Schröder, K. Crane, and  F. Knöppel.

Conform! Winner of Berlin Short Film Festival 2015
  • Date: 10.07.2015, 09:53
  • How can you make good flat maps of the round earth?' Our story begins with Mercator's world map of 1569, the first angle-preserving (or 'conformal') world map. His idea fell on fruitful soil, from which a new branch of mathematics has developed. The movie shows some of the highlights of this development, yielding a series of elegant visual forms which arise as 'conformal maps' on a variety of surfaces in 2- and 3-D. Featuring non-technical language, a simple aesthetic, compelling animation, and an original score, the movie builds an accessible bridge from everyday experience to a beautiful but little-known mathematical theory that continues to bear technological fruit today in fields such as computer graphics and architecture.


Stick Bombs
  • Date: 26.06.2015, 12:27
  • As a teaser for the "Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften" in the mathematics department at the TU Munich, Jürgen Richter-Gebert and his team show how to build "bombs" from wooden sticks, which surprisingly contain lots of mathematics.

In Gedenken an John Nash
  • Date: 26.05.2015, 13:28
  • Der SFB/Transregio 109 trauert um John Forbes Nash Jr. und seine Frau Alicia. 

At the Abel prize ceremony short films about John Nash and Louis Nirenberg, produced by E. Eremenko in cooperation with the SFB TRR 109, were shown.
  • Date: 21.05.2015, 08:24
  • John F. Nash Jr. and Louis Nirenberg received the 2015 Abel Prize from His Majesty King Harald V at the award ceremony in Oslo on 19 May. The two American mathematicians receive the prize "for striking and seminal contributions to the theory of nonlinear partial differential equations and its applications to geometric analysis." 

DGD in the Momath

Article on Maths and Architecture in Bild der Wissenschaft
  • Date: 19.03.2015, 12:52
  • Bild der Wissenschaft, one of the largest popular magazines on science, has in its issue from April 2015 a large article on mathematics and modern architecture.

Bernd Sturmfels Einstein Visiting Fellow

Article in Berliner Zeitung and Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger
  • Date: 15.01.2015, 14:13
  • Gesine Wiemer wrote two nice articles on the beauty of mathematics for the Berliner Zeitung and Kölner Stadtanzeiger; the articles date from 27.12. 2014 (Berliner Zeitung) and 9.1.2015 (Kölner Stadtanzeiger).

Doctoral Program "Discrete Mathematics"
  • Date: 13.01.2015, 14:15
  • The Doctoral Program "Discrete Mathematics" (in its second phase
    2015-2018) offers up to 22 PhD positions for an advanced PhD training
    and research program.

Günter Ziegler on Guardian Blog
  • Date: 03.12.2014, 07:43
  • 500 years ago the artist Albrecht Dürer created one of his most famous copper engraving -- the Melencolia I.

Poster award for Faniry Razafindrazaka
  • Date: 02.12.2014, 16:01
  • Faniry Razafindrazaka was awarded 1st poster prize at Curves & Surfaces 2014 in Paris. Congratulations!  

Training of Teachers in Munich
  • Date: 02.12.2014, 14:54
  • A day full of dynamics: 19 teachers learned to use mathematical software from the DGD to discover how patterns can emerge from dynamic processes. The workshop was organized by Jürgen Richter-Gebert, Gero Friesecke, and Massimo Fornasier of the TU Munich.